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Papers using qmesh

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Mesh generation for simulations of tidal flow with a turbine array in the Inner Sound

Here we demonstrate how qmesh can be used for high-resolution simulations in the context of renewable energy generation with tidal turbine farms. .. A mesh is constructed in a domain encompassing Northern Scotland, the Orkney and Shetland islands, as shown in

A dataset containing the complete definition of the domain geometry can be downloaded from figshare. A python script that uses this data can be found in the qmesh (API core) code repository and is a good example of the qmesh API: qmesh/examples/OrkneyShetland_UTM30/OrkneyShetland_UTM30.py run this file with python OrkneyShetland_UTM30.py. You will hopefully obtain a mesh similar to the one in figshare, but your mesh will not be identical to it. Differences in platforms, dependecy versions as well as differences in qmesh versions will prevent identical meshes.